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Explorer Case Pro – Ultimate Portable Escape Room Prop

Explorer Case Pro is the ultimate tool you will ever need to make a portable escape room game! It's fully customizable via android app and features tons of great features, including custom sounds and integrated hints system. Portable, self-powered, the Explorer Case Pro is an essential asset for any escape room or event management company looking to offer unique, pop-up experiences.

Explorer Case – Portable Game Core

This case is a special item that will let you create and design your own portable escape room. Explorer case provide you 5 modules to solve, it's up to you how will you design the clues for them or how will you add this device to your existing game or escape room!

Overload – Premade Portable Escape Room

Overload is a complete, ready to use escape the room game, the whole thing is fully mobile, powered by an internal battery. It is based on our company’s products and is a great example of how you can use our props to easily create amazing fun for your customers.

Artifact – Portable Escape Room Game

This is the second comprehensive scenario bundle, perfect for those seeking a ready-to-play solution. It features our best-selling prop, the Explorer Case Pro, as the cornerstone of the game. Along with the case, this set includes unique accessories such as a top insert for the main case, sturdy plastic story cards, various puzzle elements, and an Android app. The app, easily configurable to any language, plays a crucial role during gameplay, enhancing the player experience.

Expander Case – Morse code decoder

This prop is a special box that allows players to guess hidden messages encoded as morse code. The operation is very simple, just press a button to enter the code, after entering 16 letters the display will be reset.

Jigsaw puzzle with code

This prop is a laser cut puzzle with any code engraved on it. You can use them when designing your portable escape room.

Spare Jack Cables

This is a set of spare cables to connect the outputs in the Explorer Case.

Empty Case – Standard size 470x357x176mm

Elevate your portable escape room experience with our versatile Standard Size Case, the same trusted model utilized in the creation of our popular Explorer Case and Explorer Case Pro. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your game setup, this expansion option allows for the addition of new, exciting elements.

Empty Case – Small size 270x246x124mm

Small Size Case, an integral component of the Explorer Case Expanders series. This compact case is designed to broaden your game's horizons.

Padlock – 4 digit black

This black 4-digit padlock is sturdy and reliable, ideal for use in mobile and portable escape rooms. It's compact, easy to carry, and simple to reset, offering thousands of possible combinations to secure valuables or challenge escape room participants. Suitable for repeated use.