• These devices, housed in suitcases for effortless portability, form the cornerstone of your game, around which you can craft your design.
  • The boxes can be reprogram via bluetooth app to suit any theme and are compatible with any escape room game or team-building event.
  • The Explorer Case is the essential prop you need to begin crafting your own portable escape room, enhance training through gamification or host any big or small corporate event game!

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Explorer Case Pro – Ultimate Portable Escape Room Prop


Explorer Case Pro is the ultimate tool you will ever need to make a portable escape room game! It’s fully customizable via android app and features tons of great features, including custom sounds and integrated hints system.

Portable, self-powered, the Explorer Case Pro is an essential asset for any escape room or event management company looking to offer unique, pop-up experiences.

Explorer Case – Portable Game Core

Original price was: 829,00 €.Current price is: 799,00 €.

This case is a special item that will let you create and design your own portable escape room. Explorer case provide you 5 modules to solve, it’s up to you how will you design the clues for them or how will you add this device to your existing game or escape room!